21. Goodbye, Fear…the New Me is Here! + ANNOUNCEMENT

Welcome back, Overcomer! I hope this special podcast series has helped you navigate the holiday season with increased focus, calm, and vision for the future.

And I realize that this next season will not be without its own challenges. We all need community to support us…and, most importantly…it has to be the *right* community….other women who really get it. That’s why I’ve made some very intentional changes to my Redefined coaching app to help you continue into this new year without losing sight of that Future You that you’ve been envisioning. 

Before I let you in on all those details, I want to acknowledge that moving forward into new phases of healing is often really filled with fear. And we can choose to let that fear hold us back, or we can choose to let it catapult us forward. 

Today’s message from your future self is all about tackling our fear of the unknown territory that lies ahead on this healing journey from narcissistic abuse.

Tune in to today’s episode of the Art That Overcomes podcast to hear this message.

Episode 21:  Goodbye, Fear…the New Me is Here! + ANNOUNCEMENT

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In each of these special holiday episodes, you’ll hear a Message From Your Future Self, along with a suggested art exercise to encourage further reflection.

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ANNOUNCEMENT – Here’s what’s NEW at Redefined!

I’ve unlocked a brand new feature for ALL app users, whether you’re a paying, monthly Redefined Member, or you’re taking advantage of the FREE mini-courses I have available…

There is now a separate Community chat channel, just for you! I had previously reserved the community chat feature for members only, but now I’ve created a second community for those of you who haven’t opted into paid membership yet.

If you’re already a member, I’ve made some changes to your private Community channel as well, so you can go ahead and check that out too! 

To access Redefined, search for ‘Redefined – by Jennifer Kramer’ in your app store, or go here for the website version: https://redefined-by-jenniferkramer.passion.io/

Ready to go deeper?

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LIMITED TIME OFFER – Get a FREE Redefined t-shirt (see photo above) when you join the monthly membership, even if just for one month. It’s my gift to you! An empowering reminder of who you really are, Overcomer!

I’ll see you over in the community chat!


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