Welcome to my studio.

You know you’re not the crazy one, but deep down you wonder if he was right about you. If you were as strong as you thought, then maybe you wouldn’t be struggling this much.

What you want: A life where there is no need to walk on eggshells, because you’re the one in control. You feel confident and at ease in your own skin. You know how to navigate new relationships. You are fully prepared and equipped to cope with whatever challenges come your way. You have grieved, and grieved well. And now it’s your time to shine.

I want to empower you to find your voice again after surviving abusive and manipulative relationships. This is a process that I understand personally, and I love sharing the way that art therapy techniques have helped me cope and thrive.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Jennifer, and I’m a licensed art therapist. But I’m also a lot like you.

I’ve been in your shoes – angry, depressed, anxious, confused and grieving.

Searching for answers. Searching for healing. Longing for relief.

I understand the toll that emotional abuse, manipulation, and coercive control take on your body. I understand that you may not identify as a victim of abuse or trauma, because he never hit you.

But I know that the damage is real, and often debilitating. Please don’t feel guilty about taking care of you for a change. I’m here to help you through this.

Take a look inside.

You are accepted here. You belong. You are worthy. You are enough.

Have a look at the space that we’ll share as we journey together.

New to art therapy?

Maybe you’ve done traditional talk therapy, or maybe this is your first time reaching out for support. Let me answer a few questions you may have about art therapy.

Ready to take your next step?

Send me a confidential message and let’s get started. I look forward to working with you!