22. The Power of Art as a Visual Record

“Something I love about being an artist and writer is that the work I create continues to exist long after I create it (whether in digital or physical form) and I can access it and reflect on it weeks, months, and years later. In this sense, it kind of has a life all its own. As I said…it exists. It is its own thing. I’ve supplied the thoughts, words, colors, emotions, and actions to make it come to life. I’ve taken the thoughts, words, colors, emotions and actions out of my body and brain and put them onto another surface, or into my computer hard drive or Google doc. Then…I let them exist…and, I choose when and how I interact with them.”

On today’s episode of the  Art That Overcomes podcast, I’m reflecting on the past, staying grounded in the present, and looking toward the future. Listen in as I share how my art process is helping me do all three.

Above you can view the art images that I discuss in Episode 22: The Power of Art as a Visual Record.

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