Location & Directions

Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center
1860 Mellwood Avenue
Room 211
Louisville, KY 40206

(502) 415-2250

Directions: Turn from Mellwood Avenue onto Delmont Avenue. Free parking is available in any of the open lots/spaces.

During Leasing Office hours (Mon-Sat, 9ish-5ish): Walk to Building A. As you approach the courtyard area, enter Pigment Gallery on your left. Walk straight ahead and take the white staircase up to the second floor. Walk through the door at the top of the stairs and follow the signs to room 211. Jennifer’s studio will be on your left.

Evenings and Sundays: Walk through the courtyard until you see Belmar Floral on the right (Building B). Enter the single glass door right next to Belmar (there’s a yellow TFW sign on the door). Go up the stairs, then walk straight until you see the bridge on the left. Cross the bridge and then turn left again. Walk down the hallway to 211, which will be on your right.


New to art therapy? It may help to see how Jennifer’s studio differs from the office of a traditional talk therapist. Please take a look around!

Click on any photo for a full-screen view.

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