7. What’s really keeping you stuck.

“I long to let it go and I don’t know how.”

Have you ever felt this way, Overcomer? Like there’s something you long to move past, get over, or let go of….and you just can’t seem to do it. It doesn’t make sense. It’s confusing. It feels like you’re working against yourself, even though you don’t want to be.

Not only have I been there in the past, but I honestly think it’s an ongoing part of the human condition. It’s something we have to constantly be aware of and address.

The good news….

I believe it does get easier once we are aware of this push-pull dynamic within ourselves, and once we’ve gotten some practice addressing it.

But you’ve gotta be willing to get honest with yourself.

If you’re fed up with feeling stuck, then today’s episode of Art That Overcomes is for you.

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Art That Overcomes Podcast, Episode 7: What’s really keeping you stuck.

“It’s bulging out, pushing in. And I’m pushing back, keeping all of its calmness and blessings at bay. That anxiety and pain and uncertainty and dread and depression and fatigue and loneliness and not enough-ness and this-will-always-be-hard and I cannot be loved…⁠

All of that is stored up in my body, in my chest and in my gut and it’s so familiar that I coddle it and take such good care of it like a baby in my arms, like something sweet and powerful and good that I must protect, at all costs, like I would be lost without it. I HOLD it, so TIGHT…⁠

I long to let it go and I don’t know how. ⁠

I’ve been treating myself like ‘I’ve grown and learned and changed and now I’ll stay comfy for a while.’ But [God], you want me to move. You see me moving and am moving me. You have the power but you call me to act, to reach out to you. ⁠

What does this feel like? The reaching out?⁠

It’s starting to feel like home. I can see it from here. It can be my new familiar safe place. ⁠

Can I let my guard down? Should I?⁠

With you [God] I can. It’s you and me, but that does not have to exclude another. As I open myself up to you, lay down fear, put away what is familiar, step away from it, and fasten, fix, focus my eyes and actions and affections and satisfaction and contentment and fulfillment and joy on you, then I can move towards others…”⁠

A Message From Your Future Self

“We hold so many things back, don’t we?

Sometimes this makes sense, for sure. We’ve been hurt, abused, and betrayed. Not every person, and not every circumstance deserves our full self. Not everyone is worthy of the time, energy, and trust that it takes to present ourselves fully, honest and uncensored.

But what about the things you hold back from me….from yourself?

Do you realize that the fullest, most beautiful and vulnerable parts of You are safe here? Do you understand that I’m on the other side of this and I see now…clearly?

I see you…in full.

And I know, now…those parts you hold back…those feelings that are hardest to face…those words you hesitate to say…and the thoughts you won’t release…that’s all that holds you here.

You feel stuck in a loop of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that weigh you down.

But it’s actually the release that you fear most.

Deep down, I remember how we feared letting go……………

How the unknown felt so scary… But now I see. I SEE.

I see how once you were willing to take one little step after another…once you were willing to release…just a bit…to pry even one finger off the familiar feelings you clench so tightly…

…once you started… You couldn’t be stopped.

Once You decided to be honest with yourself, you soared.

-Your Future Self”

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