8. From Trapped to Transformed

“…I’m being held back- from exploring, traveling, from joy! from being fully comfortable in my own skin.”

What happens when we feel restricted and trapped by abusive individuals, BUT we take a risk and trust ourselves for a change?

Everything, that’s what.

Everything in our life starts to shift from that point…for the better.

On today’s episode of Art That Overcomes I’m excited and honored to share an insightful piece of art and writing from Alex, one of my group coaching clients.

She took a chance on herself and did the very hard work of making time and space to explore all parts of herself…and all the ways the angry and difficult parts mixed with the good and joyful parts…ALL of it.

I can’t wait for you to hear from her.

In addition to her writing in response to the artwork, I’ll be sharing a testimonial of her reflections after completing The Redefined Process. Her growth and insight is inspiring. Seriously. I wouldn’t skip this episode.

Scroll down to view the art image, related free association writing, and Message From Your Future Self that I discuss in Episode 8: From Trapped to Transformed.

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Episode 8: From Trapped to Transformed

…I’m being held back- from exploring, traveling, from joy! from being fully comfortable in my own skin. I do feel trapped in that box – the BIG, funny, ME emotions and parts that just want to BE OKAY, and the bridge shows some of that experimenting, and the destination is just fully ok to be ALEX, planted by streams of living water, sprawled out on the grass, safe, me. There’s no more fear of doing something wrong (the blue spirals on the left), it’s like a release of the intensity, everything isn’t so heightened and eggshell-like. I’m no longer sinking on the bottom (on the left), but I’m sprawled out, fully Alex, no judgment, just peace.”

She imagines if the drawing could talk, and asks…

“What do you need?

To not be afraid.

How do you feel?

I feel hesitant. And like I need help getting there.

Who are you?

I’m a scared little girl who wants to be free and ALIVE and me again.”

A Message From Your Future Self

“I invite you to imagine with me, today…

Envision with me, now… You are lying, or seated, in a beautiful open field. The grass is green and the air is brisk. You are fully at peace. Fully safe here. Alive and free to feel the breeze on your skin, and the warmth of the sun on your face.

You look up at the sky. It’s bright blue and seems to go on forever. Massive, white, fluffy clouds slowly glide by…slipping over the sun for a moment…then moving on to reveal its rays again.

‘What if I were like the clouds?’, you ponder… ‘What if I could glide and shift through time and space, without all the bumps and scrapes and hardships along the way?’

As you continue to observe the clouds, you also turn your attention to the ground beneath you. It’s so firm, solid, and secure. You are stable here…supported.

My question for you:

What if both can be true?

What if you can float along, full of beauty and grace like the clouds…but also sit firm and grounded on the reality of the hard earth beneath you?

What if your most beautiful existence requires both…the tension between the two?

I invite you to trust. Move forward knowing that the hard work and struggles are forming you just as much as the moments of ease. It’s all helping you move closer to this future version of you… the You that you long to be .

Let’s hold the tension…together.

-Your Future Self”

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