23. Anxious, Confused, and Indecisive? Listen to This.

“How do you work through confusion to find direction and clarity after leaving an abusive relationship with a narcissist? That’s a good question, right?

It’s hard to know which way is up when you’re in survival mode, and then even as things start to calm down in life, we can get so stuck in indecisiveness that we’re not really moving forward.

We’re living an ‘ok’ life…but are we growing? Are we progressing? Have we gone beyond just a feeling of basic safety into a place of actually being fulfilled and feeling secure in who we are? 

If you’re not sure how to answer those questions, or if you feel stuck in a place of just ‘ok’ right now, you’re really gonna get a lot out of today’s episode.”

On today’s episode of the  Art That Overcomes podcast, I’m sharing four small steps you can take to start shifting out of confusion, indecisiveness, insecurity, and anxiety. There’s so much more in your control than you may feel at times. Listen as I walk you through how I’m using art to process some of my own emotions during this season. 

Above you can view the art images that I discuss in Episode 23. Anxious, Confused, and Indecisive? Listen to This.

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