Welcome back! Today we’re diving into the topic of loneliness.

The feeling of Loneliness is one of the heaviest burdens that survivors of narcissistic abuse must bear, especially around the holidays. Isn’t it bizarre how you can (at times) miss shared moments and family meals with a person who was also so manipulative, abusive, and unfaithful? 

It’s strange, for sure. But…it’s normal. 

You’re a good and kind person, who had real feelings for them. You invested so much in the relationship. And there really were some good times. Those memories are now clouded by your awareness of the gaslighting and betrayal…but still… the feelings are mixed. 

Your Future Self is now on the other side of this. She has bravely allowed herself to feel her loneliness, sadness and grief. She feels secure and confident both as a single woman, and in new relationships. She does not waver. 

Let’s hear from her now, on today’s Art That Overcomes podcast episode.

Episode 18: Loneliness (SPECIAL HOLIDAY SERIES)

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In each of these special holiday episodes, you’ll hear a Message From Your Future Self, along with a suggested art exercise to encourage further reflection.

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