17. You Deserve a Quiet Moment (SPECIAL HOLIDAY SERIES)

Whether you find yourself alone today, or amid the hustle and bustle of many holiday activities, it is likely hard to settle your mind into a truly centered, quiet moment within. It takes a little work to make this happen, and today I challenge you to put in that work. Remember, it’s YOU who’s leading the way, getting yourself to where you want to be in life. 

Let’s hear what your Future Self wants you to know about the importance of taking this quiet moment…

A Message From Your Future Self

“I am here now. I am HERE. Right now. Within you…in your spirit, your heart, your breath. All the strength and power and confidence and ease that you hope for in the future……… All of this (and more) exists in you now, in this moment. 

I am here now. 

You created me. 
You designed me. 
You rose from the ashes of abuse and pain and a life of…”

Tune in to today’s episode of Art That Overcomes to hear more…

Episode 17: You Deserve a Quiet Moment (SPECIAL HOLIDAY SERIES)

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In each of these special holiday episodes, you’ll hear a Message From Your Future Self, along with a suggested art exercise to encourage further reflection.

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