Welcome back to this special Art That Overcomes podcast series, designed to help you through this holiday season. I know you may be navigating difficult family and co-parenting relationships, grief & loss, loneliness, and trauma triggers galore. If you missed the last few episodes, I encourage you to go back and listen.

Today, let’s talk about the feeling that you have to be fake for the sake of others….

I think one of the most difficult things for survivors of narcissistic abuse to navigate is feeling like we must continue to silence our voice, even once we’re free from the abuse. There’s often pressure to put on a fake happy face for others, especially around the holidays. We want to keep the peace and make everyone else more comfortable, and we know that they just want to believe the lie that we’re completely okay. 

But is it always necessary to worry about others before ourselves in this way?

I would argue that it’s not. 

Now, this is certainly a complicated issue. When it comes to children, for example, we don’t want to pull them into all of the drama going on in our hearts. 

But is there a place for a little bit of honesty mixed with the holiday ‘cheer’? 

Listen in to hear what your Future Self has to tell you today….

Episode 15: Speaking YOUR Truth (SPECIAL HOLIDAY SERIES)

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In each of these special holiday episodes, you’ll hear a Message From Your Future Self, along with a suggested art exercise to encourage further reflection.

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