5. How to do this art process.

The best part about escaping narcissistic abuse is that we are finally free to make our own choices!

This can feel daunting at times (trust me, I know the struggle is real), but ultimately it’s the best thing ever.

One of the places I’ve found the greatest sense of freedom on my healing journey is within the creative process. It’s a place to play, explore, discover, learn, and test the waters of what it feels like to truly embrace all my emotions…the good, the bad, the ugly…it’s all come out in my artmaking practice, for sure. And…it’s OKAY. This is a no-judgment zone. All thoughts, feelings, and expressions welcome.

Last week on the Art That Overcomes podcast, I went in-depth sharing with you the Why of this process that I teach. And on today’s episode, I’m going to share a super practical art exercise that you can do right away….it’s the How. And it’s the foundation of this Redefined Process that I’m modeling for you on the podcast.

Tune in to hear my directions for creating a Feelings Scribble Drawing. The audio for this one was actually taken right out of a free mini-course that’s in my Redefined app, and I think it’s the best, most concise version of this directive that I have.

Scroll down to view the image of an example drawing I share in the original video, along with this week’s Message From Your Future Self from Episode 5: How to do this art process.

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Episode 5: How to do this art process.

The image above shows the example Feelings Scribble Drawing that I talk about in today’s episode. The format is different for this one, so there’s no responsive writing to share. I encourage you to follow the directions to create your own drawing and writing this week!

A Message From Your Future Self

“Who is in charge of your life today? Who’s calling the shots?

It’s not a trick question, but there’s not always an easy answer.

Let’s really think about it now.

Who’s in charge?

I remember all that time you spent feeling powerless and resigned to letting the narcissist take the lead. At first it was pretty subconscious (you didn’t realize how much of your power you’d surrendered).

But then…

Somewhere along the way, it became a choice. You feared that if you moved too much, shifting this way and that, veering off the abuser’s chosen course, that you’d rock the boat. You’d capsize the relationship. Everything would be lost. And it would be all your fault.

But then…

Somewhere along the way, you made a new choice. You didn’t just rock the boat… You jumped clear out of it! The surrounding waters were dark and murky, and some of the stain remains. But I’m so glad you jumped. I’m so proud that you chose to move on with YOUR life, so that one day you’ll get to me…here where I stand in so much power, assurance, and trust in this process.

Are YOU proud of yourself, today?

Do you realize that you control who’s in charge?
I hope you choose YOU today.
I hope you choose us.
I hope you choose to keep taking leaps, no matter the risk…

Because, it’s those powerful actions that teach you (teach us) that YOU are really in charge now.

No narcissists allowed.

It. Is. Your. Turn.

-Your Future Self”

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