4. Why this art process works.

“It feels luscious and open and like there’s more to find, more to be, places to go, oceans to swim in and new people to love.”

Where are you going, Overcomer?

Have you given yourself permission to explore a new world of joy that lives somewhere beyond the trauma reactions you feel so stuck in today?

I know first hand how hard it can be to pull ourselves out of those familiar (yet unwanted) emotional and behavioral patterns. But…it can be done!

In this episode of Art That Overcomes, we’ll explore just that, and along the way I’ll explain more about art therapy, and this process that I teach. This one’s choc full of information, so you won’t want to miss it!

Scroll down to view the art images, related free association writing, and Message From Your Future Self that I discuss in Episode 4: Why this art process works.

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Episode 4: Why this art process works.

“It’s connected, flowing, beautiful, bubbly, calm in the close-up, a little chaotic from a distance – but oh so beautiful when you dig in deep and stare at its core, all its little hidden places of wonder and discovery and adventure and play. ⁠

I want to dive into that smudgy white and blue part. ⁠

What feels so good about that part?⁠

It feels luscious and open and like there’s more to find, more to be, places to go, oceans to swim in and new people to love. ⁠

If you go in deep – below the surface of that paper and through the wall and through the vintage brick exterior to the root of all that makes life happen – in my heart – My Creator, my Way, my Way Maker….⁠

He makes a way out of the ugliest of places and circumstances and happenstances and planned situations and unplanned and manipulation and abuse and mistreatment of all  kinds….⁠

All the ways people use people to be someone they’re not and were never meant to be. ⁠

There – through and past all of it – ⁠

I float.”⁠

A Message From Your Future Self

“What would it mean for you to feel happiness, joy…contentment? What would it mean for you to CHOOSE that…right now, and then…again, and again?

I remember how this wasn’t always a simple question for us to answer.

So many days, months, and years have been devoted to the struggle… the trauma reactions that kept you on high alert… the grief that weighed you down… and the anxiety that felt like an unwanted (yet familiar) friend.

Choosing another path takes courage…it requires great strength.

You will face resistance along the way…not only from your own familiar patterns, but push-back from others too… the ones who are used to You playing the role of the victim, the abused, the sad, the lonely…

They’re used to rescuing you.

And you…are used to being rescued.

But now, I’m calling you to rise. I’m calling you to give us permission to feel GOOD. I’m calling you to step forward and claim this…

It’s YOUR future. Our future. Our dreams. Our life. Our destiny.

We. Are. Allowed to enjoy it.

Lift up your head and come with me now. We are walking into joy.

-Your Future Self”

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