Self Sabotage or Victim Blaming?

Art That Overcomes Podcast, Episode 2

“But you choose to feel like you’re failing. You choose to look at this picture and you need to turn the page and make a new one – constantly, every day. More than once per day. Make a new picture until the old one stops feeling real…”⁠

>How does that sit with you? How would you feel if someone said that to you?

Some of us would feel insulted, blamed, or even shamed. Some of us would feel challenged, in a good way. Or, it might just depend on the day!

>What if it was you (an inner part of your subconscious brain) who spoke these words to you? Would you listen and make a move, or choose to stay planted in place?

In this week’s episode of Art That Overcomes, I address just that. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether our inner voice is speaking hurtful, victim blaming words leftover from the narcissist, or actually making us aware of self-sabotaging thoughts that we have the power to change.

Scroll down to view the art images, related free association writing, and Message From Your Future Self that I discuss in Episode 2: Self Sabotage or Victim Blaming?.

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Art Image Number 1

“F**k this. I don’t want it anymore. NO. NO. NO.⁠

I am Leader Jennifer.⁠
I am me.⁠
I am not these feelings, this trauma shit. ⁠

I’m so tired. ⁠
I am *tired*. ⁠

I want out. ⁠
Out of it. ⁠
Out of the drama. ⁠

I just want to be happy and eternally tapped into Leader Jennifer – into the *knowing*, the deep knowing that it’s all going to be okay. ⁠

Why don’t I feel like I have that power now? ⁠

Because you won’t let it. You won’t see. You don’t want it, you want to f**k with it and not play for real. You want out of the new Leader Jennifer. ⁠

Your actions show that. ⁠

How do I choose it, for real? because it feels like I’m doing all I can?⁠

I walk into the doors of my heart and I shout NO, I won’t let you overtake me, Pain, Heartache, Depression. I do the hard work every day to shut it the f**k down. ⁠

But that answer doesn’t help. It still makes me feel shitty and like I’m failing, all the time, all the ways? ⁠

But you choose to feel like you’re failing. You choose to look at this picture and you need to turn the page and make a new one – constantly, every day. More than once per day. Make a new picture until the old one stops feeling real…”⁠

Art Image Number 2


Why is she pink?⁠

Why not. She is her and everything she’s meant to be. Why the f**k not be pink, orange, black, bold and soft, quiet and loud. All of it. ⁠

For me by me. ⁠
In my opinion. ⁠
No one gets to say otherwise. ⁠
Here I go. ⁠
I’m blooming. ⁠
Watch me. ⁠

Let’s go. ⁠
Let’s keep going…⁠
to the next sketchbook… ⁠


A Message From Your Future Self

“What if???

What if…life didn’t feel so damn hard every single day?
What if there was some kind of breakthrough that could happen?

What if you could envision your future goals and dreams clearly this time, and actually believe you’ll get there?

Remember, I’m the Future You, the one who’s made it there to that Future Place that seems so foggy right now, from where you stand.

Take a few deep breaths with me, now, as I invite you to imagine this with me for a moment…

Breathe in…and out…
Take another big breath in…and out…
One more time, at your own pace….

Close your eyes with me and imagine:

You wake up tomorrow morning, and everything has changed (for the better). The feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, guilt, self-doubt…that often debilitating sadness that you can’t quite explain…that weight in your shoulders, or tightness in your gut…

Those feelings just. aren’t. there.

As you continue to breathe….Imagine a feeling of lightness, a feeling of ease…a powerful energy coursing through your body, now that the weight has lifted and the pain has subsided. You’re not sinking…You are RISING.  

What do you see? What do you envision right in front of you, as you’re feeling this relief, this positive energy in your body, and in your emotions.

What’s there in front of you?

And now….What will you do? What’s your first move? The first action you feel compelled to take?

There’s no wrong answer here, and You are completely in control. The best advice I can give you, from this Future Place where I stand, is to trust YOU….your voice…your intuition…and simply MOVE. Take one action. Do something. And do something that feels right for YOU.

Again, imagine that action…that step…that move.

And as you open your eyes, I invite you to write it down. Remember it. And then….go do it.

-Your Future Self”

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