When things feel…heavy

Art That Overcomes Podcast, Episode 1

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The narcissist isn’t in charge anymore. It’s your turn, Overcomer.

In each episode of Art That Overcomes, you’ll hear me share a glimpse into my unique art and writing process that helps women like you redefine your identity after narcissistic abuse, one drawing or painting at a time. I also invite you to imagine what encouraging words your Future Self may have for you today.

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My Free Association Writing in Response to the Image:

“I can’t breathe. It feels heavy. I don’t like it – the darkness. I almost didn’t include it in the drawing. ⁠

I almost said, no, go away. But that’s why I’m here…to look at it. ⁠

I went to a place I don’t like to go…I thought about the hurt and cried and let it out and then I made this orange oval. And I turned on music and I felt good – for a moment – then the black came. ⁠

The color of…blame, shame, and insults. ⁠

How do I look at them and then move past them? ⁠

We highlight them for what they are. Not condemning, but looking at the reality of their behaviors and who I am and what I need, deserve, and want. ⁠

I can tell it what it is and where it belongs. ⁠

I can move it out, usher it out, with my blue me (my identity) traveling right through the yellow light of truth. ⁠

It can leave because the truth of who I am and who you [God] are can tell it to go. We can decide. I have control over it. I allow it in and I can release it. ⁠

What else do you want me to know? ⁠

The black can be fuzzy and pretty on the edges. It’s not all bad. I learn from it. It’s inevitable that I’ll have some black weighty feelings in life. It’s normal. It feels so heavy and stuck in the middle, but it can flow, if I release it. I do have the choice.”⁠

A Message from Your Future Self

“I SEE you here…today, right now. In this moment.

I see your anxiety and questions and so much wondering about what. will. happen. next.

I know that longing to move forward, to be anywhere but here. I remember so vividly being there with you…

But here’s what else I remember…I also remember what it took to get to where I am now. What was needed in order for you to muster up the courage, power, and confidence to move forward.

And here’s what might surprise you, here…right now…in this moment…In this swirling of anxiety, overwhelm, and doubt….

There was no magic moment….no hero swooping in to rescue you…and no big secret to uncover.

What helped you move forward (what helped US move forward) was precisely what you’re doing with me here…right now…in this moment.

You are OPEN. You are FEELING. You are acknowledging and honoring every single one of those uncomfortable emotions that just don’t seem to leave you alone.

You’re not cowering, and you’re not backing down.

Oh, how much I want you to understand, that EVEN on your hard days, the times when you shut out the world and numb yourself because the pain just feels too massive…

Even on those days, you haven’t given up.

I KNOW you.

And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that each time you take a break, step back, and recalibrate….caring for yourself without apology…. THOSE are the times that you come back…even stronger.

Each and every time…you get. back. up.

-Your Future Self”

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